Ex-Border Chief: US Border Crisis ‘Worst in Our History’

ICE director confirms system in meltdown

Image Credits: Mani Albrecht/U.S. Customs and Border Protection via Getty Images.

The national emergency unfolding at the U.S. Southern border is a “meltdown” of unprecedented scale, according to correlating statements made by a former Border Patrol chief and a current director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Mark Morgan, who led Customs and Border Patrol under President Obama, asserts that this is the worst immigration catastrophe in U.S. history.

“This is a question that people really need to pay attention to: I am saying, based on 30 years of public service, that the crisis we face right now along the Southwest border is actually the worst we’ve ever experienced in our history — the worst,” Morgan told Tucker Carlson.

“People want to talk about the numbers back in the 2000s, 1.5 million — it’s the demographics, Tucker. Back then, 90 percent — the overwhelming majority — were Mexican males and we were deporting them. Now it’s family units and unaccompanied minors, and because our laws are broken, we’re allowing them in.”

Morgan explained that roughly 65% of those who attempt to enter the U.S. illegally or via asylum loopholes end up staying.

“We’re going to reach a million this year — that means we’re going to allow 650,000 into this country, much of which we don’t know who they are and we’ll never hear from them again,” Morgan said.

Concurrently, acting ICE director Ron Vitiello offered a grim assessment of the status of America’s Southern frontier.

“It’s an absolute crisis down there, it has humanitarian aspects, it has border security aspects — this policy can’t continue,” Vitiello told Fox News. “The system is in a meltdown. It’s just getting worse day by day.”

Vitiello revealed that over 130,000 migrant families have been released into the interior of the United States since December alone.

Commenting on President Trump’s imminent visit to Calexico to meet with officials, Vitiello said, “What he is going to see is this unbelievable flow at the border and no way for us to legally address it without Congress acting.”

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