Ex-ICE Chief: ‘If Biden Becomes President, We Lose the Border’

A Biden victory will lead to 'chaos' at border, Tom Homan warns

A Joe Biden presidency will plunge the U.S. southern border into “chaos” again, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) acting director Tom Homan has warned.

The ex-ICE chief has issued a stark caution to American voters about the choice they face in November, pointing to Biden’s radical immigration positions and track record during the Obama administration.

“Here’s a guy who spent two years saying, ‘President Trump isn’t above the law, he needs to be held accountable.’ President Trump isn’t above the law, but apparently [Biden] thinks illegal aliens are above the law,” Homan told the Daily Caller. “I’m not guessing at it – these are statements he’s actually made and you’ve all seen them.”

“If he becomes president, we lose the border.”

Homan credited policies implemented by the Trump administration as having benefitted Americans and U.S. border security, while also indirectly preventing many would-be migrants from suffering terrible abuses during perilous journeys.

“For those who hate Trump, they need to think about this: How many women did not get raped because of what the president has done?” Homan asserted.

“How many children didn’t die because of what the president has done? How many immigrants didn’t die because of what the president has done? How many millions of dollars did the criminal cartels not make because of what the president has done?”

Homan warned about the far-reaching consequences of Biden’s immigration agenda – which includes a 100 day moratorium on all deportations, a push for mass amnesty, and ending the highly-successful Migrant Protection Protocols (also known as ‘Remain In Mexico’).

“When you say we shouldn’t be removing illegal aliens unless they commit a felony, you’re inviting every illegal alien into our country because they know there are no consequences to entering the country illegally anymore, so long as they don’t get arrested for a felony,” Homan said.

“Every American should be afraid of what’s going to happen to our border if Joe Biden becomes president.”

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