Ex-ICE Chief Rips DHS Mayorkas for Lying About Handling of Haitian Illegals

Biden admin hiding truth about how many illegals entered U.S. in Del Rio surge

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Former acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Tom Homan blasted Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas for offering “misleading” answers about how thousands of Haitian illegal aliens have been processed in recent weeks.

Approximately 30,000 mostly-Haitian migrants invaded South Texas earlier this month, with most coming across the Rio Grande near the small city of Del Rio.

As many as 15,000 were camped near the Del Rio-Ciudad Acuña International Bridge in an area that is now almost completely vacant.

Many questions have arisen as to what exactly happened to the migrants, thousands of whom were loaded onto buses by federal authorities and whisked away.

During a Sunday interview on Fox News, Mayorkas indicated “10,000 or so — 12,000” illegals have been released into the United States, claiming immigration officials will “ensure their appearance in court as the law requires.”

“We have enforcement guidelines in place that provide that individuals who are recent border crossers who do not show up for their hearings are enforcement priorities and will be removed,” he said.

Homan, who served as ICE chief under President Donald Trump, indicated Mayorkas’s statements were deceptive at minimum.

“When you say 12,000 are in immigration proceedings, they are not,” Homan explained in a Fox News interview on Monday. “That’s what the secretary leads you to believe, but many of them were released on the notice to report.”

“They’re only going to be in immigration proceedings if they chose to voluntarily show up and turn themselves in, which most won’t. So the secretary is misleading on what he told Chris Wallace.”

Homan also challenged Mayorkas on the actual number of illegals who have entered the country from the Del Rio surge.

“He realizes they went one or two miles down the line and came into the United States because they saw so many resources go to Del Rio that they left 224 miles of border unguarded,” Homan asserted.

“So those 8,000 just go to Mexico and they’re going to live there? They went down to cross illegally. There are thousands now in the United States, you know, living here illegally.”

President Trump released a statement on Monday declaring the number of illegals released from the Del Rio crisis is actually much higher.

“All 17,000 illegal immigrants who entered our Country from Haiti and other places unknown have now been released into our Country with no vetting, checking, or even minimal understanding of who they are,” Trump said. “Some are very sick with extremely contagious diseases, even worse than the China Virus.”

“They are not masked or mandated, but just let free to roam all over our Country and affect what was just a year ago, a great Nation.”

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