Ex-Journalist Plotted to Behead Christians as “Reprisal” For Christchurch Massacre – Court

Planned to lure victims, behead them with Pakistani sword

Image Credits: WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images.

A former journalist is being held without bail after he announced plans to lure “coward dog” Christians to his home and behead them with a Pakistani sword in retaliation for the Christchurch mosque massacre, an Australian court has heard.

James Michael Waugh, 28, has been charged with threatening to act with intent to cause public harm, using a telecommunications service to menace others and possessing a weapon to be used to kill, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“I have issued threats, along with my name and address, to every coward dog church in Canberra,” Waugh allegedly said in a Facebook Messenger group chat. “If you know someone with balls send them along. I’ve bought a scimitar and intend to cut their heads off in my front yard as a reprisal.”

“I’m going to kill every single one of you dog polytheist c***s,” Waugh also allegedly said in a post on the Canberra House of Prayer Facebook page.

Police say Waugh told them he had purchased the scimitar, measuring over three feet in length, in Pakistan.

A bail request was denied after Waugh told a doctor and prosecutor he intended to continue with his plan if released by going to a “remote central Queensland [location] with his brother” to prepare for a “day of judgement” and violent confrontation with Christians.

“He made it clear he would either engage in battle… making him a martyr, or to make them look bad,” prosecutor Rae-ann Khazma told the court. “He also indicated his use of a scimitar depending on how many Christians turned up and whether they were armed.”

Khazma revealed that Waugh has stated he does not recognize the Australian government as legitimate and that Australian laws do not apply to him.

Waugh’s doctor determined that he does not suffer from any mental health issues.

James Waugh formerly worked as reporter for the Queanbeyan Age, a regional Australian newspaper.

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