Exclusive: DOJ Investigates Alex Jones’ Cat!

Political icon ready to fight for his feline friend!

Image Credits: infowars.

Infowars founder Alex Jones released a video on Thursday showing off his daughter’s cat Mushu who is being targeted by the Department of Justice in relation to the Sandy Hook lawsuits against jones.

“This is not a joke,” Jones said. “This is real… I’m in a bankruptcy hearing, personal and corporate for Infowars and the Justice Department is involved and asked me to be in a hearing today. They spent probably five minutes of the meeting that was over three hours long on my cat.”

He continued, “They wanted to know if assets were hidden in the cat. The cat was like $2,000, it is a ragdoll cat and we really do love it. But they were very serious about the cat and its value and they may want the cat for the Sandy Hook families. So, the deal is broke. You guys aren’t getting the cat. This is next level, this is harassment. Nobody’s ever heard of this, my lawyers have never heard of this. What’s next, do you want my children next? Do you want me to sacrifice my children or something?”

This story highlights the absurdity of the politically weaponized judicial system in America.

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