EXCLUSIVE: Infowars Official Statement Concerning Chapter 5 Bankruptcy Developments

Official legal statement from Alex Jones concerning court’s removal of bankruptcy CRO and outside lawyers.

Image Credits: Infowars.

The bankruptcy court entered an order that removed two professional firms for reasons involving the earlier Chapter 11 cases and their firm’s prior non-disclosures.

Importantly, Free Speech remains in control of its case and has been working closely with the Sub-Chapter V Trustee and its counsel.

The bankruptcy court had no criticism of any of the Free Speech activities and in fact retained our lead lawyer. Free Speech will actively and quickly retain replacement professionals, this time with the guidance of the Sub-Chapter V Trustee and lessons learned. 

The Court’s ruling opens up Free Speech to become a better, leaner, and more responsive operation free from the issues and problems noted by the Court with the prior professions.

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