EXCLUSIVE: MTG Responds to Failed Challenge of Her Eligibility for Office Simply for Questioning ‘Stolen Election’

Congresswoman delivers comments on her latest victory against Democrats as well as exclusive intel on Americans' fight against election fraud.

Image Credits: Drew Angerer / Staff / Getty.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Greene.house.gov joins Alex Jones on Infowars to raise alarm over the Deep State’s election fraud tactics and provide exclusive comments on her recent victory against Democrats who were trying to ban her from running for reelection.

Greene called out how the FBI and CDC can track innocent people via geofencing for their own gain, but she is unable to wield the same technology to target ballot harvesters, something that filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza discussed in his latest documentary, ‘2000 Mules.’

“If the FBI can use geofencing data to go after people around the capitol and the CDC can use geofencing data [to] track people during lockdowns, then people here in Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, and all these other states can use the same methods [to] stop this criminal activity before they do it again.”

“I’ve been making some phone calls because I’m really upset about this and I think it’s time this gets investigated.” 

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