EXCLUSIVE: Reporter Attacked at Trans Rally Joins Infowars to Expose Victimhood as Cultural Cancer

Alex Stein breaks down the left's agenda to exploit confused children with gender ideology and radical medical procedures.

Image Credits: Infowars.com.

Alex Stein joins The Alex Jones Show to detail what happened as he was attacked at a trans rally and to call out victimhood for the cultural cancer it is.

“This rally was not just for trans awareness, this was actually youth for trans. This was a rally to fight legislation that is preventing – in states like Florida and Idaho – preventing gender reassignment surgery for children,” Stein told Alex Jones on Tuesday.

“They have all the rights that you and I have. They’re not missing any rights. What they’re fighting for is children having state-sponsored gender mutilation surgery. And for me, that is why I’m out there in that crowd fighting against it.”

“If you wanna be trans, go ahead, if you’re an adult. That’s fine. But to enable these kids and to trick these kids that are mentally ill, there is nothing more disgusting in my opinion,” he added.