Exclusive: Roger Stone Talks Trump Impeachment, 2020 Election, Ukrainegate & Will Trump Resign?

The man in the center of it all, Roger Stone, joins Alex Jones live on air Noon Texas time

Image Credits: Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

Trump insider Roger Stone plans to discuss the ongoing impeachment crisis – and whether he sees any circumstances in which President Trump would resign.

Stone, the former Nixon aide who experienced the 1974 impeachment drama, also offers advice to Trump starting at Noon Central and reveals if he thinks the Senate will convict the president if he’s impeached by the House.

Furthermore, he gives his take on the suggestion that Hillary Clinton may enter the 2020 race – and whether impeachment will help Trump’s re-election chances given the circumstances.

Roger Stone breaks his silence in this powerful exclusive interview compiled here for you:

Stone, an ingrained DC insider, also explains, if any, the parallels between the ongoing crisis and that of former President Bill Clinton, the second impeachment of which Stone had a front row seat to witness.

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Watch the livestream of Roger Stone on the Alex Jones Show:

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