EXCLUSIVE: Special Ed Teacher Who Interacted With Uvalde Shooter Exposes Killer’s Troubled Past

What motivated the teen to go on the rampage?

Image Credits: banned.video.

During Wednesday’s transmission of “The Alex Jones Show,” a listener called to share his firsthand experience dealing with the alleged Uvalde, Texas shooter Salvador Ramos.

The caller, Matthew, told the audience he knew the suspect from his time working at the Uvalde School District as a special ed teacher.

The teacher pointed out that the Covid pandemic put a lot of stress on students and suggested the teenager’s mental health could have been harmed by lockdowns and other issues.

Alex Jones also told his audience who’s truly at fault regarding the mass shooting.

The left is blaming Republicans and claiming conservatives actually want children to be shot at schools.

Despite Democrat calls for more gun control, legislation like we’ve seen passed in liberal states such as California or New York will not stop lunatics from murdering people.

Alex Newman joined “The American Journal” Wednesday morning to explain how the government education system is failing America’s youth.