Exclusive Video: NBA Legend John Stockton Talks Covid, Vax Mandates, Basketball And More

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Image Credits: banned.video.

Tony and Chad of the DNP-CD (Did Not Play-Coaches Decision) podcast welcome back to the show NBA legend John Stockton who talks about Kyrie Irving, Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Bogut, and the concerning vaccine and pandemic landscape in the United States.

The Austin, Texas locals give Stockton credit for a prophetic prediction he made back in August when he said the establishment would use new variants as an excuse to convince people to get booster shots.

At one point, the Hall of Famer held up a copy of the new RFK Jr. book, “The Real Dr. Fauci,” and said it is an amazing read full of valuable information.

Regarding his optimism surrounding the current segregation the world is seeing, Stockton asked why others who have been discriminated against in the past aren’t speaking out more.

The former Utah Jazz great is also glad that more people are waking up to the dangers of Big Pharma beyond just the experimental Covid jabs.