Expert: Collapsing Fertility Rates in the West Should Be ‘Celebrated’

Because we're all going to be replaced with migrants anyway

Image Credits: Pixabay.

A leading expert says declining fertility rates in the west should be a cause for “celebration” because migration from countries in Africa will replace native populations.

According to the University of Oxford’s Sarah Harper, warnings that European countries are at risk of a “depopulation disaster” or a “baby bust” are alarmist in nature because migration and artificial intelligence will eliminate the need for domestic population growth.

“This idea that you need lots and lots of people to defend your country and to grow your country economically, that is really old thinking,” she said.

“What we should be saying is no, [a declining total fertility rate] is actually really good because we were terrified 25 years ago that maximum world population was going to be 24bn,” added Harper, who has three children herself.

Harper said that although it may anger the right-wing, “Migration is that wonderful balancing act,” and that German Chancellor Angela Merkel “took the million refugees because she desperately needed to boost her working population.”

This claim is confounded the fact that only a quarter of “refugees” entering Germany will be in the work force within five years, with some taking ten years to enter the labor market.

The environmental benefits of having fewer children were also emphasized in a Guardian report about Harper’s comments, with research showing “that having one fewer child reduces a parent’s carbon footprint by 58 tonnes of CO2 a year.”

Quite how these “benefits” are only ever usually amplified in western countries and not African countries like Niger where women have an average of seven children remains a complete mystery.

Indeed, media propaganda about the wonderful benefits of having no children are only ever pushed on westerners, where sperm counts and fertility rates are already collapsing, and never on third world countries where the population is still booming.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison