‘Experts’ Provide Tools to Raise Woke Children: ‘Antiracist Baby,’ Drag Queens

“We want kids to have the tools and knowledge to accept all members of their community"

Image Credits: James D. Morgan/Getty Images.

Washington Post “On Parenting” article this week featured“experts” who advised parents it is never too early to start raising woke children.

Natalie Jesionka at the Post shared some of the resources available to help parents raise children who will fit in with woke culture:

You can enroll in a music class (virtually now) that develops understanding of gender and personhood. A drag queen story time will soon be a television show. And there are more and more children’s books that discuss intersectionality and broaden representation, plus flashcards and short videos that teach parent and toddler about anti-racism ideas.

From the Canadian drag queen duo Fay and Fluffy come the books Not Quite NarwhalThe Family Book, and All are Welcome.

The drag performers, Kaleb Robertson and JP Kane told the Post they provide free Drag Queen Story Hours in order to increase children’s exposure to drag and promote the concept of gender identity.

“We want kids to have the tools and knowledge to accept all members of their community and celebrate their differences,” said Robertson. “So if they see someone with a beard wearing a dress, they are coming from a place of acceptance and understanding.”

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