Extreme Racism Party Hijacks The Military

Troops tasked with defending our God-given rights now targeted for harboring political views Biden's government does not like.

Image Credits: Infowars.com.

Facing long tours overseas, injury or death, new recruits entering one of the branches of the U.S. military could always maintain morale by knowing that they were protecting cherished freedoms — namely the First Amendment.

Many of the protestors expressed the portion of the First Amendment on January 6th that the Country Club in Washington DC wasn’t prepared to represent, including an Air Force vet who was killed in cold blood.

They had Assembled and petitioned the government for a redress of grievances over a Presidential election that even today still shows instances of fraud.

They’re now targeted by a commission to further politicize the expanding tyranny in the hill, deeming patriotic Americans a violent white supremacist mob while video reluctantly leaking out clearly shows the truth.

Meanwhile, Biden’s new racial justice military lead by former Raytheon board member, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, only wants to further erode what makes the military tick.

The extremism steering committee overseen by Lloyd Austin’s senior advisor Bishop Garrison is designing a social media program that will continuously monitor soldiers for “concerning behavior.”

You would think that this would violate the military’s first Amendment protections. However, taking a page from the immunity-afforded Silicon Valley with Section 230, the military brass has found a loophole in order to circumvent those rights, hiring a private surveillance firm to monitor soldiers who are risking their lives to combat the very totalitarianism they will now obey.