FAA Communication Breakdown Exposes How AI Dependency Will Crash Humanity

The planet is becoming too dependent on machines

Image Credits: banned.video.

A software glitch in the US Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) system used to send essential information to aircraft prompted the regulator to halt all further domestic departures in the US Wednesday morning.

During his live Wednesday broadcast, Alex Jones explained how this technological failure is a Rosetta Stone showing how AI systems being implemented by the tech elite will ultimately be their own downfall.

He noted that natural events like solar flares or a manmade disaster like nuclear war or some type of EMP could knock destroy humanity if we rely on this technology too much.

Continuing, Jones told listeners the key step for humanity to fight back against and avoid being at the will of the machines will be for us to rediscover normal human activities such as communities getting back to the land and only deploying technology we have absolute control over.

“Technology is not bad, but it’s how it’s being used and deployed for domestication and total control and finally depopulation that it’s bad,” he said.

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