Facebook Joins “Red Mirage” Plot: Won’t Allow “False Victory” Claims From Trump on Election Night

This allows time for mail-in "ballots" to swing election to Biden

Image Credits: Mandel Ngan-Pool/Getty Images.

Mark Zuckerburg says Facebook will weed out “false victory” claims during the presidential election, which will give Democrats the opportunity to keep President Trump from claiming victory while they count more mail-in “ballots” that will, of course, swing the election to Biden.

Zuckerberg’s announcement comes right after a pro-Biden firm said Trump “would be appearing” to win on election night but predicted Biden would “ultimately win a massive victory” after mail-in ballots are counted, i.e. a “red mirage.”

“To ensure that no fraudulent claims of victory are propagated on Facebook – a ludicrous notion that has been propagated by the press and the intelligence community without, as the liberals like to say, ‘a shred of evidence’ – Facebook will partner with Reuters, the financial newswire service, to ensure the integrity of its election night results,” Zero Hedge stated.

There doesn’t appear to be any plausible reason for Facebook to care that much unless the company wants to stop Trump from declaring victory on election night – and Facebook has reason to do so after Trump responded to Big Tech censorship by threatening to strip their liability protections intended for neutral platforms.

Unlike in-person voting, which links an actual person to a vote, critics warn that counterfeit mail-in ballots can be mixed into the results that swing the election to one candidate, i.e. Biden.

Last month, it was reported that a dead cat had received a voter registration form in the mail.

Furthermore, a citizen journalist reported that Democrats were harvesting mail-in ballots from nursing homes in Texas by fraudulently submitting ballot applications in bulk.

The journalist said that at least 32 applications supposedly from elderly voters were all submitted with the exact same handwriting, and were all submitted using the same pre-printed envelope with the same-style stamp.

Critics also warned that mail-in votes for another candidate, i.e. Trump, could be conveniently “lost in the mail.”

To illustrate, a local media reporter mailed in mock ballots from various locations in Philadelphia to see how long votes take to reach a PO box set up to represent an election office.

After about a week, the reporter discovers he has nothing to pick up at the post office.

Later on, after speaking to a manager, the post office finds a pile of envelopes, but other people’s mail has also been mis-sorted into the ballot mail.

Counting up the letters, the reporter discovers after four days, 21% of votes still hadn’t made it to their destination.

“And the batch we’d mailed a week prior, some of those were missing too,” the report states. “So of our 100 ballots 97 arrived, which sounds pretty good unless you consider the fact that that means three people that tried to vote by mail in our mock election were in fact disenfranchised by mail.”

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