Facebook Kills Pro-Trump Account Hours Ahead of Censorship Hearing

Congress set to grill Big Tech over suppression of free speech

Image Credits: Anthony Quintano / Flickr.

Facebook terminated a highly popular pro-Trump fan page without explanation just hours before a Congressional hearing on censorship by social media giants.

“God Emperor Trump” had over 330,000 followers and was one of the most influential accounts dedicated to supporting the president on Facebook, making it a target for repeated attacks and take-downs by the anti-conservative website.

The page has been kicked off the platform a total of six times, but due to a consistent and provable track record of playing within community guidelines, its managers have been successful thus far in lengthy appeals processes.

“We are not a racist, anti-Semitic group of people – we are pro-America, pro-Christianity, pro-West, and pro-Memes,” page creator Tom Pappert said in a press release. “This is why we believe Facebook has given our page back five times. We simply do not post anything outside the realm of mainstream conservatism, or ‘Trumpism.'”

“The purge of God Emperor Trump comes on the same day that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other social media executives will be testifying before Congress to answer accusations about political censorship of conservatives. We believe this is a clear and obvious example of censorship of mainstream conservatives, and it is the sixth such instance. At the same time, Infowars recently released a bombshell report detailing the social media giants’ strategy to censor conservatives.”

The aforementioned 50-page report, composed by researcher Mike Adams and titled The Censorship Master Plan Decoded “is intended for the average American to understand how online censorship works and how the various methods of suppression work together to clamp down on free speech throughout the Internet,” explains Infowars editor Kit Daniels.

Read this document in full,” Adams recommends. “Forward it to your representatives in Washington D.C.”

“Urge lawmakers and our president to act on this now, or we will lose not just our freedom to speak, but our right to meaningfully participate in the dominant public space platforms through which social and professional interactions now take place.”

Top executives from Facebook, Twitter, and Google are scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on the “content filtering practices of social media giants,” on Tuesday.

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