Facebook’s Ex-CIA ‘Misinformation Manager’ Declares Support for BLM

Prior to working at Facebook, Graham spent over fifteen years at the CIA

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Karen Graham, a “misinformation process manager” at Facebook, tasked with managing what the platform deems to be “misinformation,” is openly playing partisan politics by using her Linked In profile to demonstrate her support for the radical Black Lives Matter movement.

Prior to working at Facebook, Graham spent over fifteen years at the CIA as an operations officer with the Agency’s Directorate of Operations. Her career at the CIA spanned the years 2004 – 2020, encompassing the entirety of John Brennan’s tenure as Director.

Her LinkedIn profile currently sports a picture of a giant “Black Lives Matter” street mural that was recently imposed upon Washington D.C. at the order of the Democrat Mayor, Muriel Bowser.

The DC BLM street mural has become an overtly partisan political symbol, as Bowser–DC’s mayor– even appeared during the opening night of the virtual Democratic National Convention (DNC) on Monday evening with it in the background. Mayor Bowser also created a specific exception for Black Lives Matter, allowing the group to paint its slogan on D.C’s streets but denying the opportunity to others.

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