Fact Check: CBS Commentator Suggests Models for Trump’s #YouAintBlack Shirt Wouldn’t Vote For Him

Models of Trump shirt featuring Biden gaffe support president, work for Trump 2020 campaign

Image Credits: shop.donaldjtrump.com.

A CBS commentator was quickly corrected after he falsely insinuated black models employed by the Trump campaign probably weren’t supporters of the president.

Following Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s infamous “You ain’t black” flub on The Breakfast Club radio show last week, the Trump campaign within hours had produced a shirt sporting the hashtag “#YouAintBlack,” one modeled by a black man and another by a black woman.

During a CBS News segment on the shirt, Democrat strategist Joel Payne suggested the models weren’t actual Trump voters and urged journalists to look into them.

“It’s so interesting the two models you show showing those shirts, I wonder if they’d actually vote for Donald Trump. That might be a good question for an industrious journalist to go dig into,” Payne said.

The commentator was swiftly checked by Team Trump senior advisor Katrina Pearson, who pointed out the two people were part of the Trump 2020 campaign staff.

“Fact Check: @CBSNews @paynedc assuming that @HW_Floyd & @MsGailWilson were victims of ‘being used as models’ and curious to know if the actually support @realDonaldTrump?” Pearson tweeted, attaching photos of the two working at the campaign headquarters.

“Answer: YES In fact, they are full-time staff working hard to re-elect our @POTUS.”

After the erroneous insinuation, Payne shot back he was embarrassed and might go “inject bleach.”

The campaign staffers, Harrison Floyd and Gail Wilson, also condemned Payne’s assumptions.

“It’s sad some people think the color of my skin determines how I think,” Floyd wrote on Twitter. “I have a great job, work with great people, and I’m happy. Shouldn’t that be what matters? I’m proud to work for @realDonaldTrump. he deserves 4 more years!”

Wilson highlighted the fact she’s the Deputy Executive Director of Black Voices for Trump, and that “Yes I support President @realDonaldTrump.”

Black Voices for Trump also registered the URL YouAintBlack.com, which displays Biden’s quote along with a video of Biden’s gaffe.

Indeed, Payne’s comments are emblematic of the Democrat party’s belief that Americans should vote along racial lines.

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