Fake News: ABC, CBS Only Show Small Crowds Before & After Massive Anti-Lockdown Protests

Media claims only 50 people showed up to event attended by at least 500

Image Credits: MARK FELIX/AFP /AFP via Getty Images.

Local media has tried to minimize Saturday’s “You Can’t Close America” protest at the Texas State Capitol spearheaded by Infowars, using cropped video and select images to make the demonstration appear smaller than it was.

ABC affiliate KVUE showed a quick clip of the event followed by a couple photos showing smaller groups of the protest, and claimed only 50 people showed up for the massive demonstration.

A local CBS News affiliate also claimed only “several hundred people” attended the Austin protest, but Infowars estimates that over 1,500 people showed up during the two-hour protest to call on Austin’s government to reopen businesses after a brutal month-long lockdown.

Independent video confirms the attendance was much higher than what was reported by mainstream media.

This is just another example of the deception the corporate press engages in when their doomsday narrative is under threat.

In this case, that narrative is the pandemic is too dangerous to allow Americans the freedom to operate businesses and travel freely.

But as the pandemic recedes, and incoming data shows the coronavirus to be less lethal than predicted, Americans have reached their limit of patience and want to get back to work.

Reopen America protests have hit Texas as citizens from all over the state spent the afternoon protesting required face masks, economic shutdown and unconstitutional state mandates. The police were also in attendance, issuing a warning to a protester for honking her horn too loudly.