Fake News: ‘The Hill’ Falsely Reports South Dakota Governor Complained About Confederate Statues

Gov. Noem never mentioned the Confederacy -- she was talking about Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt

Image Credits: Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

The Hill put out a blatantly false headline claiming South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) complained that the removal of Confederate statues was an effort to discredit the Founding Fathers.

The only problem — she never said that.

In her speech before President Trump’s remarks on Friday, Noem never mentioned the Confederacy or statues associated with it. In fact, she was speaking about the statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt – whose faces are all carved into Mt. Rushmore.

“Across America these last several weeks, we have been witnessing a very troubling situation unfold. In real time, we are watching an organized, coordinated campaign to remove and eliminate all references to our nation’s founding and many other points in our history,” Noem said at the Independence Day celebration.

The Hill’s fake news headline drew the ire of prominent conservatives.

After the backlash, The Hill put out a correction admitting Noem never spoke about Confederate statues.

The news outlet also finally removed the tweet with the fake news headline Sunday morning, over 24 hours after putting out the story.

As we get closer to Election Day, fake news stunts against conservatives and President Trump will likely become even more frequent.

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