Fake News: WSJ Retracts Claim Alex Jones Led Siege on US Capitol

Image Credits: Infowars.com.

The Wall Street Journal has retracted a false claim reporting that Infowars radio host Alex Jones instructed Trump supporters to invade the US Capitol on Wednesday.

In an article published Thursday, the WSJ claimed Jones stood on top of a vehicle shouting at attendees of the pro-Trump rally to press forward.

Here’s the passage from the article, headlined, “At the U.S. Capitol, Milling Crowd Sparked Riot in a Few Crucial Minutes“:

Bottles flew up from the rioting crowd toward police on the inaugural dais. Flash-bang grenades fired into the crowd by the police at the stand’s base let off plumes of white smoke; some in the farther reaches of the crowd on the Capitol lawn laughed. Some rioters staggered back from the center of the crowd to douse their eyes and faces after being hit with chemical irritants.

Soon the far-right talk conspiracy theorist Alex Jones appeared atop a vehicle parked on the Capitol lawn with a bullhorn, out of range of the police projectiles, to urge the rioters forward.

The paper had to retract its false narrative, however, after it was easily contradicted by witness accounts and footage from the rally showing Jones pleading with protesters not to invade the building.

An amendment added to the bottom of the article Friday now reflects the truth that Jones was attempting to prevent the incursion.

“The conspiracy theorist Alex Jones urged Trump supporters not to attack police and to move to the east side of the Capitol,” the Journal’s correction notes. “An earlier version of this article incorrectly said Mr. Jones urged rioters attacking the Capitol to move forward.”

It’s indeed a rare day when the fake news mainstream media issues a correction admitting they were wrong. We commend their efforts to set the record straight.

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