False Flag Alert! Ukraine Claims ‘Dirty Bomb’ Ingredients Stolen From Chernobyl Lab

Media and global elite setting stage for an escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Image Credits: Rawf8 / getty.

Ukraine’s Director of Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants (ISPNPP), Anatolii Nosovskyi, is warning looters allegedly stole radioactive isotopes that could be used to make a “dirty bomb”.

While Nosovskyi has no proof of these claims, he says that since Russia has gained control over the Chernobyl monitoring lab, “the fate of these sources [radioactive isotopes] is unknown to us.”

According to the Daily Star, Ukrainian scientists who remained at the lab when Russians took the site over reportedly brokered a deal to keep the plant running and make sure Russian soldiers didn’t interfere with their work.

The scientists who have stayed behind would likely be able to confirm whether or not the materials are still at the lab, but ISPNPP senior scientist Maxim Saveliev said they are no longer in contact with them.

When the Russians took over the laboratory, they filmed containers filled with materials said to be matching substances needed to make a dirty bomb.

Ironically, Russia’s Ambassador to Iraq Elbrus Kutrashev said last week that fears of Ukraine deploying a dirty bomb against his nation were a leading factor in the invasion.

“Nuclear. [They planned to use] nuclear waste in a bomb, and attack Russia or Russian interests, or maybe a concentration of Russians,” he said. “This forced us to choose as a priority of our special operation in Ukraine taking control of the nuclear plant in Chernobyl. We accomplished this successfully at the beginning of the operation.”

Kutrashev also mentioned the controversial US-run biolabs as playing a role in Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine.

Essentially, Russia claimed Ukraine had dirty bomb materials that could be used against Russia preemptively, and upon taking over the Chernobyl monitoring lab, found said materials.

After finding the dirty bomb materials they were seeking, Russia was accused of allowing looters to steal the substances.

With Russia saying the materials were a key factor in their invasion, it’s unlikely they’d allow the materials to be stolen and used in an attack that would ultimately be blamed on them.

The Western mainstream narrative is that Putin allowed the materials to be stolen, which is unconfirmed, in order to engage in a “false flag” dirty bomb attack against Russia.

Do these people think that Russia didn’t already have access to these materials?

Additionally, who would benefit the most from a dirty bomb going off in Russia?

The nation of Ukraine would likely see the full force of Russia’s military in this situation, and the media has already established Russia will be blamed no matter what.

So, the stage is actually set for Ukraine to deploy the dirty bomb to be blamed on Russia.

Regardless of which side is telling the truth, the fact remains that a dirty bomb attack would escalate the current Russia-Ukraine conflict to a level the world should try to avoid at all costs.