Farage Blasts UK Officials For Banning Him Meeting Trump

Paints UK government in a very bad light, he says

Image Credits: Jonathan Bachman / Getty Images.

Nigel Farage blasted the UK government for reportedly demanding President Trump not meet with the Brexit architect during his state visit to Britain later this month.

News that top UK officials have forbidden the President from seeing his old friend while in Britain broke in the Daily Telegraph days ago, and Farage has confirmed that he received similar information.

“I was the only British politician who said that he was the right thing, not just for America but for the Western world,” Farage told political analyst Tucker Carlson. “Trump tweeted, ‘Wouldn’t Farage be good as the British ambassador in Washington?’ and ever since that day they’ve been paranoid about my relationship with the president.”

“Who on earth is some official in 10 Downing Street to tell the US President who he should and shouldn’t meet? I’m sorry to say, but it paints my government, ahead of this visit, in a very bad light.”

When asked if he planned to meet with Trump despite the ban, Farage made it clear that he would not cause any undue “embarrassment” for the President, but added, “If he wants to see me for a cup of coffee, I’ll go to see him.”

Farage offered a veiled critique of the May administration for allowing the bond between London and Washington D.C. to deteriorate since Trump took office, saying, “Let’s be honest about this, relations between number 10 Downing Street and the White House have not gone as they ought to have done over the last 18 months to two years.”

On Tuesday, the Telegraph cited a Whitehall source in saying, “a ban on a meeting with Mr. Farage, the former UK Independence Party leader, is a red line for 10 Downing Street in the negotiations about the visit to the UK on Friday next week.”

“The source said Number 10 has made it clear that the US President must not meet Farage’ in the talks over the itinerary.”

President Trump is scheduled to arrive in London on July 13 for a three-day state visit – his first to the UK.

Protestors are expected to be out in full force and London Mayor Sadiq Khan has green-lighted a large balloon depicting the President as a baby in a diaper to fly over the city.

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