Farage: If Britain Doesn’t Leave The European Union, ‘Catastrophe’ Conservatives ‘In Very Real Trouble’

“I think that would be viewed by many millions of Conservative voters as being a second betrayal."

Brexit leader and political disruptor Nigel Farage has predicted more trouble in store for the governing Conservative Party if they fail to deliver Brexit, as several leadership contenders question whether getting the UK out of the EU on even the twice-delayed October 31st date is possible.

Speaking on his LBC radio show from Brussels Tuesday evening, Mr Farage took stock of the race to replace Theresa May as leader of the Conservative Party so far — a job that with it presently comes the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Noting that Theresa May repeatedly promised to deliver Brexit on the legal date of March 29th before reneging on her word — a decision which has seen her presently governing party take a plunge in the polls and come fifth in a national election last month — Mr Farage predicted worse for whoever her replacement should be if they also failed to deliver on the promise made to the British people.

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Mr Farage pointed out that some candidates including Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, and Esther McVey were vowing to deliver Brexit on time, while others including Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, and Rory Stewart questioned whether it was viable at all. If a candidate who promised to honour the Brexit date was elected but like Theresa May failed, Mr Farage predicted:

“I think that would be viewed by many millions of Conservative voters as being a second betrayal, and I think it would far outweigh any short term economic shocks if we weren’t prepared. For the Conservative Party, it would be a catastrophe and yet there are already many candidates saying we cannot leave on that date, or we should consider delaying.”

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