Farage Slams BBC Over Brexit Coverage

Says UK network in denial

Image Credits: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons.

Nigel Farage ripped into BBC News host Andrew Marr Sunday and said he had never taken part in a “more ridiculous interview” during the heated exchange.

Farage, who leads the U.K.’s Brexit Party, became angry during the interview, which focused on Marr asking Farage about a series of claims he’d made in the past. Farage exploded in anger after questions about a variety of topics except the upcoming national elections, the topic the host used to open the show.

“Here we are with one of the biggest changes in politics that has ever occurred and you’re not even interested. What is wrong with the BBC?” Farage said. “I’ve been going around the country speaking at packed rallies every night and do you know who is not there? The BBC — and from this line of questioning now I can see why. You are just not interested, are you?”

“This is absolutely ludicrous. I’ve never in my life seen a more ridiculous interview than this,” Farage continued. “You are not prepared to talk about what is going on in this country today. You’re in denial. The BBC is in denial. The Tory and Labour parties are in denial.”

Referring to European elections on May 23, Farage added, “I think you’re all in for a bigger surprise on Thursday week than you can even imagine.”

“The number one issue in British politics now is democracy – the failure of our political parties to keep their promises,” Farage said. “That is what the country is debating.”

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