Farage: US Leftists Fighting Historic Monuments While Real Enemy Terrorizes Europe

Slams destroyers of Western civilization on both continents

Image Credits: ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images.

Brexit mastermind Nigel Farage illuminated the insanity of US leftists directing their rage and combative energy against statues of long-dead American leaders while Islamic terrorists continue to slaughter their European neighbors, imperiling the present and future of Western civilization.

“I’ll tell you what interests me, apart from what’s happening in Europe,” Farage said during comments on yesterday’s jihadist massacre in Barcelona, Spain. “We can say the European politicians are in denial, but it’s what’s happening in America that amazes me.”

“It seems to me that there is a large section of America that is much more concerned with tearing down historical statues that date back to the Civil War, than recognizing who the real enemy of the West is.”

There have been at least three bloody terror attacks in the last 24 hours, at the time of this writing, including a second in Spain where a car full of armed jihadis rammed through a police checkpoint in Cambrils, and a stabbing spree in Finland that saw at least five women knifed by a man reportedly yelling, “allahu ackbar.”

When asked if European leaders will ever admit to the glaringly obvious connection between Islamic migrants flooding Europe from African and Middle Eastern countries, and the steady escalation in terrorism, Farage expressed little hope.

“What happens is, they all stand up and they say, ‘We stand in solidarity with Barcelona, or Brussels, or Stockholm, or Paris, or London’ – or wherever it may be – ‘and this is really, truly awful, and we have no understanding of why this is going on,’ and not once do we ever hear a single leader in Europe offer any policy solutions whatsoever.”

“They are still in denial, and I can only guess it’s because they’re so embarrassed by the fact that they have caused this.”

Farage also praised the leaders of central-eastern European countries who have adopted a hardline stance against “refugee resettlement” quotas and open borders policies being foisted upon their neighbors by the “gangsters in Brussels” and their non-governmental allies like the George Soros ‘mafia network.’

“It is very interesting, isn’t it, that Viktor Orban – who is the prime minister of Hungary, along with the other prime ministers in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia – they’ve been told by Merkel and the gangsters in Brussels that they must accept the migrant quotas of those coming in across the Mediterranean, and they’ve simply said ‘No. We’re not going to do it,’” Farage said. “There is a direct link and relationship between the number of people you let in from different religions and different cultures, and the number of terror attacks, and that’s why, in Eastern Europe, you’re simply not seeing it.”

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