FBI Russia Collusion Hoaxers McCabe and Strzok Defend Mar-a-Lago Raid, Smear Critics As ‘Threats’

"What you see is the FBI going out on a day-in and day-out basis objectively investigating allegations of law," Strzok claims.

Image Credits: screenshot/MSNBC;CNN.

Two prominent former FBI officials involved in the Russia collusion hoax have surfaced to defend the politicized bureau and smear critics of its Mar-a-Lago raid as violent extremists.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, now a CNN contributor, claimed on the fake news network that the “threat level” to the FBI following its raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence is “unprecedented” and “terrifying.”

“Never seen anything like this in my 21 years with the bureau,” McCabe said Monday on CNN. “It’s not completely crazy for individuals and the FBI to be subject of threats as a result of cases they’re working, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a broadside, all FBI personnel are considered part of this reporting. It’s just terrifying.”

“There is about 400 FBI locations total, including those field offices,” McCabe added, “so you’re talking about a lot of people in a lot of different places and communities all around the country who are exposed to this.”

McCabe was fired from his post in 2018 after DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz concluded he repeatedly lied under oath about his role in perpetuating the Russia collusion hoax and violated numerous FBI codes during the “Crossfire Hurricane” probe against Trump.

Disgraced former FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to argue that the bureau is not at all politicized for targeting Joe Biden’s main political rival ahead of the midterm elections.

“It’s not that the FBI is targeting any one side or the other. What you see is the FBI going out on a day-in and day-out basis objectively investigating allegations of law,” Strzok insisted Monday.

Strzok, who played a central role in both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the ‘Russia collusion’ hoax against Trump, was also fired from the FBI in 2018 after Horowitz revealed his text messages indicating political bias against Trump and favorability for Hillary Clinton.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe laid out how the American people’s anger and suspicion towards FBI and DOJ was justified given how they routinely demonstrated political bias against Trump before, during, and after his presidency.

“The American people, unfortunately, see when it comes to Republicans, in particular Donald Trump that for the past six years, we have an FBI and Department of Justice that have literally become the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party,” Ratcliffe said Sunday on Fox News.

“[Former FBI Director] Jim Comey, on his book tour admitted, I did things to Donald Trump that I’d never do on Barack Obama or would have tried,” Ratcliffe said.

“Think about that, an FBI director admitting, ‘I applied the law unevenly, I applied my authorities unevenly because it was Donald Trump and Republicans,’” Ratcliffe explained. “To that point, that FBI director, having cleared Clinton before he talked to her, opened an investigation into Donald Trump’s after, after he had learned that the Russia collusion allegations were actually created by Hillary Clinton and then went so far as to lie on the FISA court and verify a dossier he knew to be fake to continue spying on the Trump campaign.”

Former President Trump on Sunday highlighted the FBI’s “unrelenting history of being corrupt” with their previous political “witch hunts” against him.

The FBI has a long and unrelenting history of being corrupt. Just look back to the days of J. Edgar Hoover. In the modern era, nothing has changed except that it has gotten far worse. Look at Comey, McCabe, Strzok and lover Lisa Page. Check out the brilliantly written but damning I.G. Reports. See what they were willing to do in order to get Crooked Hillary Clinton elected (they failed), and got caught! They spied on my campaign, pushed the FAKE Dossier, and illegally used the FISA Court.

The Inspector General said the FBI acted with “gross incompetence and negligence.” I was fully vindicated in the Russia, Russia, Russia SCAM, the “No Collusion” Mueller Investigation, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and all else. NOW THEY RAID MY HOME, ban my lawyers and, without any witnesses allowed, break the lock that they asked us to install on the storage area that we showed them early on, which held papers that they could have had months ago for the asking, and without the ridiculous political grandstanding of a “break in” to a very storied, important, and high visibility place, just before the Midterm Elections.

The whole World was watching as the FBI rummaged through the house, including the former First Lady’s closets (and clothing!), alone and unchecked. They even demanded that the security cameras be turned off (we refused), but there was no way of knowing if what they took was legitimate, or was there a “plant?” This was, after all, the FBI!

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