FBI Tried to Cover Up Hunter Biden Emails, According to Reports

Image Credits: Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

The FBI tried to cover up the Hunter Biden emails last year by confiscating them from a computer repairman and stonewalling him afterwards, according to reports.

The emails only became public because the repairman made a copy of Biden’s hard drive that was ultimately delivered to Rudy Giuliani.

“According to [the repairman] Isaac, the FBI first made a forensic copy of the laptop, then returned a few weeks later with a subpoena and confiscated it,” reported Zero Hedge. “After he stopped hearing back from the FBI, Isaac said he contacted several members of Congress, who did not respond, at which point his intermediary reached out to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney, Robert Costello.”

All of this occurred under FBI Director Christopher Wray’s watch.

Ironically, keep in mind that, in 2016, ex-Director James Comey at least let the public know the FBI had confiscated Hillary Clinton emails on a laptop used by Anthony Weiner.

But that’s not the case now.

In fact, the cover-up and censorship attempts by both the FBI and Twitter are as revealing as the emails reported on by the New York Post.

Twitter suspended the official Trump campaign account on Thursday, only weeks before the election, for highlighting Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.

Twitter was also censoring links to the New York Post article.

That said, some of the emails reported by the New York Post are quite damning:

Another email — sent by Biden as part of an Aug. 2, 2017, chain — involved a deal he struck with the since-vanished chairman of CEFC, Ye Jianming, for half-ownership of a holding company that was expected to provide Biden with more than $10 million a year.

Ye, who had ties to the Chinese military and intelligence service, hasn’t been seen since being taken into custody by Chinese authorities in early 2018, and CEFC went bankrupt earlier this year, according to reports.

Biden wrote that Ye had sweetened the terms of an earlier, three-year consulting contract with CEFC that was to pay him $10 million annually “for introductions alone.”

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