‘F*ck Black Lives Matter’: Black Men Revolt Against Seattle BLM, Attack Barricade Made Of Trash

Antifa punk says garbage wall 'protects us from terrorism' -- police easily clear it out soon after

Image Credits: @KatieDaviscourt/Twitter.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists have taken over another section of downtown Seattle, and a couple of black residents are livid about it.

Footage from Sunday shows an irate black man cursing at the Black Lives Matter rioters, chanting “All Lives Matter” and kicking over their impromptu barricade made of municipal trash receptacles.

“All lives matter! Fuck Black Lives Matter!” he yelled.

“Get out of here!” a white Antifa member shouted back.

In the same area, another black man armed with a bullhorn shouted at residents nearby to rise up for America.

“Hey! People living in their houses up there! Are these your trash cans here on the ground? Because you paid for this! You paid for this right here!” he yelled, pointing at the barricade of garbage. “You paid for this every single month, and they dumped it on the ground!”

“You need to come out here and help stand with me and say we’re going to tack the country back! You need to come to take the country back!”

A BLM supporter then told him to clean the trash up instead of yelling, to which the man replied: “You’re right! I will clean it up! Because I care about my other Americans!”

“I’ll come and clean it up for all you people up inside your houses who won’t come stand with me against this tyranny!” he shouted through the bullhorn.

A white Antifa punk scolded the black man as he started cleaning up the barricade of garbage, claiming it “protects us from terrorism.”

Fortunately, Seattle police soon swept through the quasi-autonomous zone, easily clearing the garbage pile barricade.

As Infowars has reported, many in the black community are beginning to realize the Black Lives Matter movement is actually a crypto-Marxist organization whose mission is to abolish law enforcement and the Western judicial system, not to fight for racial justice.


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