Federal Agencies Cut Over $16 Billion in Regulations in 2018

Slashing rules, red tape saves workers millions of hours of paperwork annually

Image Credits: Chris Dlugosz, Flickr.

Federal agencies eliminated over $16 billion in regulations in 2018. Eleven agencies saved taxpayers almost $8 billion by getting rid of old rules, many of which were from the Obama administration, according to analysis by the American Action Forum.

“For the first time since the American Action Forum (AAF) began tracking final regulations published in the Federal Register (going back to 2005), federal agencies published net regulatory cost savings for a calendar year,” the report stated.

(Photo by Win McNamee / Staff via Getty Images)

The analysis, which was flagged by the Washington Examiner, found $8.6 billion in new rules were added, but “nearly a third of the administration’s regulatory actions were actually moved to cut rules and red tape.”

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