Female Journalists Banned From Toronto Islamic Conference

Attendees advocate Muslims only

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Female conservative journalists were forcefully ejected from an Islamic conference in Toronto that advertised free admission to the general public.

Sponsored by the Islamic Circle of North America, the “Carry the Light” conference featured speakers such as American Imam Siraj Wahhaj and activist Linda Sarsour.

Flyers with conflicting messaging promoted open admission “for anyone seeking the knowledge,” while also specifying that free entry was offered to the “entire Muslim community.”

However, when investigative reporter Laura Loomer and Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy, also a journalist, attempted to enter the conference, they were turned away and forcefully escorted from the building by police.

Loomer posted full video of the entire confrontation, but the brief clip below captures a key moment.

“I’ll show you guys your own words; you advertise this as an event open to everybody, open to the public,” Loomer tells organizers attempting to bar her entry.

“It is free for only the Muslim community,” one man replies while multiple men lobby a police officer to order the women to turn off their camera.

Loomer pulls up a flyer for the conference stating, “We are pleased to announce that Sunday’s entire day is now open free of cost for anyone seeking the knowledge.”

“So Christians and Jews aren’t welcome to your event? Only Muslims?” Loomer asks.

“Only Muslims,” multiple men affirm.

When one man threatens to call the police, who are already present on the scene, Loomer asks, “Who are you going to call, the Sharia police?”

After moving to enter the event, Loomer and Goldy are blocked by a chain of men and women with arms linked.

“This is Toronto, this is Western civilization, and you’re now banning Jews and Christians from coming into your event,” Loomer says before she and Goldy are eventually physically removed from the building by police.

In the video below, Loomer offers a deeper look into the background of Imam Siraj Wahhaj, whom Linda Sarsour has called her “mentor.”

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