Feminists Send Adult Diapers to Dem Senators for SCOTUS Battle

Female senators can ride out long hearings in pee-proof underwear

Image Credits: Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images.

Democrat Senators have received care packages from a company that produces urine-absorbent underwear in preparation for the Supreme Court confirmation battle over Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

THINX, which offers product lines created to aid women during menstruation and incontinence, announced they have delivered “endurance packages” to female senators Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to “prepare them for hearings and other potential roadblock attempts in efforts to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation.”

The packages contain “moderate absorbency underwear” designed to hold an eight teaspoon “surge” of bodily fluids, a bottle of water, and a protein bar, according to a press release.

“THINX and Icon create underwear that champion and support bodies throughout different stages of life,” the company asserts. “From first periods to post-menopause and all the little leaks in between, THINX and Icon aim to empower their customers with sustainable solutions, all while breaking taboos around menstruation and bladder leaks.”

“It’s unclear how long SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation hearing will last, but we know that it is absolutely critical for our Senators to do everything possible to prevent the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice who would roll back women’s rights and undermine women’s health,” said Icon’s vice president of marketing, Kejal Macdonald.

“That’s why we’re sending our absorbent, odor-free underwear to all of the women in the Senate, so that they can do everything possible to stop this nomination and protect our rights.”

Additional offerings from THINX include a “sex blanket for people with periods,” a “real menstruating human” t-shirt, and a blog titled “This Week In Feminism.”

Leftists have been outraged over President Trump’s decision to nominate Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court since before the official announcement, as activist groups were prepared to denounce any potential selections, regardless of his or her track record.

The date of Judge Kavanaugh’s Senate nomination hearing is yet to be determined.

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