Fifth Person This Week Escapes Australian Covid “Quarantine” Camp

Police now searching for suspect known to be Covid-negative

Image Credits: nt police.

Yet another Australian citizen has managed to escape a Covid quarantine camp.

Jeremy MacDonald is making headlines worldwide after becoming the fifth person to break out of a Northern Territory (NT) quarantine facility this week.

Earlier this week, a trio of Covid-negative teenage boys hopped a fence and got out of the Howard Springs quarantine camp, causing police to engage in a massive manhunt.

A 27-year-old man managed to clandestinely leave the Howard Springs camp as well, but he was also caught by police.

Now, law enforcement is searching for MacDonald as if he were an ISIS terrorist.

In a statement, NT Police said MacDonald entered the Northern Territory in a vehicle on November 26th and was forced into the Alice Springs camp because he was coming from an alleged Covid hotspot.

While officers search for the runaway as if he were a major threat, they are aware that he tested negative for COVID-19 on December 1.

“We urge the community to report any sightings of Jeremy MacDonald, and encourage him to hand himself in to local police,” Police Commander Sachin Sharma said. The CHO directions are in place for community safety and breaking those directions is a serious offense.” 

Previous escapees have been charged $5,00 fines, which is double the amount the government charges individuals they place in the camps.

According to the ABC, “The cost of 14 days of supervised quarantine is $2,500 per individual or $5,000 per family group of two or more people at the Territory’s quarantine facilities in Darwin and Alice Springs.”

So, if caught Mr. MacDonald could have to pay up to $7,500 all for traveling to the “wrong” place.

As quarantine camps like Alice Springs and Howard Springs charge thousands of dollars to the individuals who are mandated to stay there, the Australian government is funding the camps to the tune of $130 million in new contracts for the Howard Springs camp alone.

Perhaps so many people are fleeing the facilities because of the poor treatment by staff, as a new Guardian article reports that “young people” or children, are being “locked in their cells for more than 23 hours a day.”

Citizens are desperately escaping fenced-in camps the government forced them into and many people still haven’t opened their eyes to the amount of tyranny they’re living under.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand.