Flashback 2019: Alex Jones Reveals Battle Plan to Defeat Globalism on Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” Podcast

Jones drops truth bombs on the next generation!

Image Credits: Impaulsive.

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Looking back on 2019, Alex Jones made an explosive appearance on YouTuber Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast where he urged the hosts not to lose hope in the pro-human fight against globalism.

Jones laid out a battle plan to Paul, 24, and his team on how to free the masses from the brainwashing by the international elite who abuse their power to control people and governments.

Episode 60 of Impaulsive: ALEX JONES IS… ALEX JONES

“… We have to be engaged and involved in questioning because that always builds a better society,” said Jones during the April show. “[The nanny state] is creating victims who want to be victims while a predator class is letting them be the victims they are.”

“I want a class of people that question, that are strong, that are powerful, that make humanity better so we have a better future for all our children.”

From the Carnegie Foundation to interdimensional vampires to social media censorship, no topic was off-limits with the young hosts who were starving for genuine conversation free from corporate media’s approved talking points.

Learn How The Worldwide Awakening Terrifies Globalists

Alex Jones ignites the fire of an awakening mass of humans no longer willing to sit idle while predators feed on a subjugated public.

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