Flashback: Covid Cult Member Pushes & Threatens To Pepper Spray Costco Employees For Not Wearing Masks

'Get away, you're threatening my life. Stay away, you're unmasked,' the frightened man said.

Image Credits: twitter screenshot.

Footage of an incident that took place last April is going viral online, showing a masked man waving around a can of pepper spray inside a Costco store and threatening to use it against employees who did not have masks on.

In the video, a masked man can be seen holding pepper spray and pointing it at an employee before shoving the worker and saying, “Get away. You’re threatening my life!”

When another Costco employee tried talking to the man, he continued freaking out and said, “You stay away too. You are unmasked. I’m defending myself,” in addition to calling the worker “an asshole.”

The angry liberal ended up leaving the store in frustration following the altercation.

Back in April, actor James Woods commented on the incident, writing, “Demented ‘masker’ fanatic threatens, then assaults, working staff in a public retail space. In some places he would be lucky to be still standing on his feet.”

This video shows what extreme mainstream media brainwashing can do to a person who falls for the establishment’s false narratives.

The millions of people propagandized into joining the Covid cult are suffering from Mass Formation Psychosis, a term popularized during Dr. Robert Malone’s interview with podcast host Joe Rogan.