Flashback: Fauci Discusses How Vaccines ‘May Actually Make Disease Worse’

'This would not be the first time, if it happened, that a vaccine that looked good in initial safety actually made people worse.'

Image Credits: facebook screenshot.

A nearly two-year-old interview featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci discussing vaccines and antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) has resurfaced, as more suspect the Covid-19 omicron variant has been caused by vaccines.

In the interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, which took place in March 2020 when the Covid-19 vaccines were still under development, Fauci explains the various vaccine trial phases, and makes note of ADE.

After addressing how researchers check vaccine safety simply by injecting a test subject and seeing if they have an adverse reaction, Fauci acknowledged ADE as “another element to safety.”

“There’s another element to safety, and that is if you vaccinate someone and they make an antibody response, and then they get exposed and infected, does the response that you induce actually enhance infection and make it worse, and the only way you’ll know that is if you do an extended study — not in a normal volunteer who has no risk of infection, but in people who are out there in a risk situation. This would not be the first time, if it happened, that a vaccine that looked good in initial safety actually made people worse.”

Fauci went on to give examples of when vaccines actually harmed people.

“There was the history of the respiratory syncytial virus vaccine in children, which paradoxically made the children worse. One of the HIV vaccines we tested some years ago, actually made individuals more likely to get infected.

“So you can’t just go out there and give it unless that you feel that in the field when someone is getting infected and exposed being vaccinated doesn’t make them worse. That’s why you gotta do a trial.”

According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, “ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a pathogen, but they are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act as a ‘Trojan horse,’ allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response.”

As noted by TrendingPolitics’ Kyle Becker, a Reuters report on the 1960s respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) outbreak acknowledged children developed the illness from vaccines.

“In the late 1960s, children in Washington, DC received an RSV vaccine in which the virus was inactivated with formalin…Eighty percent of the children given the shot were hospitalized with severe respiratory disease, and two died. Many scientists had thought the formalin was responsible for the vaccine’s problems, but the chemical has been used safely in other vaccines.”

Fauci’s comments show he’s been acutely aware of the potential that vaccines may worsen the disease they’re attempting to cure – and his comments are being re-circulated as many believe that’s what may be happening with the current omicron outbreak.

Here’s the full Fauci-Zuckerberg interview from March 2020:

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