Flashback: Rep. Jim Jordan Predicted In August Dems Would “Want To Keep Counting” Weeks After Election Day

Proving to be quite the prediction, GOP Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) told House Democrats during a congressional hearing with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy in August that the 2020 election count would be dragged out.

“We all know what this is about,” Jordan told his colleagues. “This is about these guys [Democrats] wanting chaos and confusion, because I think they know this. They know on election night President Trump’s gonna win. They know after the vote count on Election Day, President Trump’s gonna win and they wanna keep counting. Six weeks, four weeks…”

Jordan retweeted the exchange on Tuesday, writing, “We tried to warn you. The Democrats knew what they were doing and ignored us.”

Now, exactly one week after Election Day, several states have still yet to be called for either candidate.

It’s almost like the Democrats and left-wing media openly bragged about their plan to drag out election results and try forcing Trump out of office.