Flights From Africa, Brazil & China Continue to Land at Heathrow Even as Londoners Are Banned From Travel

Flights from countries all over the world, including COVID-19 hotspots like Brazil, continue to land at London airports despite Londoners themselves being banned by law from traveling outside the area.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Saturday that London and the south east of England would be placed under a new lockdown – tier 4 – making it illegal for Londoners to travel outside the region.

Johnson also revealed that people living in tier 4 areas would be banned from international travel, forcing millions of Brits who planned to visit family abroad to cancel their Christmas.

However, while Londoners are not allowed to hop on a flight, planeloads full of foreign visitors continue to land at Heathrow and other major airports in the region.

Two days after Londoners were banned from travel, a flight from Nairobi, Kenya landed at Heathrow.

Flights from China, the original source of the coronavirus, also continue to land in London on a regular basis.

Yesterday, no less than five flights from Brazil arrived at Heathrow within the space of ten minutes, despite the country registering over 7 million COVID-19 cases.

As we reported earlier, the so-called “mutant” strain of COVID-19 that has prompted numerous European countries to close their borders to visitors from the UK was present in Brazil eight months ago.

The UK also has a coronavirus infection rate lower than some of the countries that have cut off the UK.

Brits abroad are being held captive at airports by security officials due to confusion over the travel ban and border closures, but visitors from all over the world continue to arrive in Britain with no hassle whatsoever.



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