Florida Man Hit With Felony Charges For Leaving Tire Tracks on LGBT Crosswalk

Activists pressure police to elevate charges to "defacing a memorial."

Image Credits: Video Screenshot.

A Florida man was hit with felony charges after leaving tire tracks on an LGBT crosswalk, with activists attempting to get authorities to elevate the charges to include “defacing a memorial.”

“Alexander Jerich, 20, turned himself in to police in Delray Beach, Florida, on Thursday,” reports RT. “Jerich was seen on Monday allegedly pulling onto the intersection in a pickup truck and spinning his rear tires for around 15 seconds, leaving black streaks across the rainbow stripes and sending clouds of smoke into the air.”

The charges against Jerich were elevated from misdemeanor to felony after authorities said there was “evidence of prejudice” in his actions.

However, this isn’t enough for LGBT activists, who are trying to make police hit Jerich with charges of “defacing a memorial” under a law passed by Governor Ron DeSantis in April that was intended to protect actual statues and memorials from being torn down by left-wing hate mobs.

If Jerich is found to have violated the law, which applies if someone “willfully and maliciously defaces, injures, or otherwise damages by any means a memorial or historic property,” he faces even more severe felony charges.

Of course, the idea that a gay flag painted on a road represents a “memorial” is absurd, but don’t expect authorities to see it that way having been pressured by the mob.

Despite the seriousness of the charges against him, Jerich may be thankful that the incident didn’t occur in Canada.

As we highlighted last year, another man who left tire marks on a rainbow crosswalk was the subject of a manhunt by West Vancouver Police, who treated the incident, which may even have been accidental, as a “hate gesture.”

This once again underscores how the LGBT movement, far from being “oppressed,” can in reality rely on the routine support of the state to throw the book at anyone who dares oppose it.

Meanwhile, the LGBT flag continues to fly above American embassies across the western world (because they’re so oppressed and everything).



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