Florida’s Biggest Farmer Warns of Total Food Collapse, Mass Starvation Crisis

Globalists won't let a crisis like this go to waste to carry out their Great Reset agenda.

Image Credits: Infowars.com.

Alfie Oakes joins The Alex Jones Show in the wake of his relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Ian to expose the globalist plan to manipulate the food supply ahead of the Great Reset.

“What these globalists have done with the vaccines, with what they’re trying to do with the food supply, and this hyperinflation, it makes Hitler look like a choir boy,” Oakes told Jones.

“These are very bad people with very bad intent. The only thing is people have to stand up. Unfortunately, we’ve come into a time where there’s a lot of apathetic people, a lot of people that weren’t paying attention.”

“But I think what they haven’t taken into consideration is the great American spirit,” he added. “My store is filled up with almost all patriots, and if stuff gets real, we’re ready to fight.”