Footage: Hospital Patients Complain About Waiting While Nurses Film Tik Tok Video

"That's why we've been waiting so long"

Image Credits: Screenshot .

Footage has emerged from inside a UK hospital showing patients asking for attention but being ignored because nurses are too busy filming a tik tok video.

The video is seemingly shot by a person waiting to be seen, while nurses congregate through the entire corridor, messing around with mops.

Several other hospital staff are seen in the video standing around watching or filming the action themselves.

The craze has exploded since the coronavirus outbreak, with videos of dancing nurses appearing daily.

While some of the videos are just dancing with mops and the like, others have featured mock ‘covid’ corpses being carried around, and nurses dancing on hospital equipment as if it’s a stripper’s pole.

The videos have previously been described as “disrespectful” by families of cancer patients whose loved ones are not able to receive treatment.