Footage Proves Live Bats Were Kept At Wuhan Lab; Journalist Charges That Research Funder And WHO Investigator Lied

Scientist at centre of lab leak storm previously claimed it was a 'conspiracy theory'

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Video footage dating from 2017 obtained and aired by Sky News Australia this week purports to show live bats in cages at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where bat coronaviruses were being manipulated to become more deadly to humans.

The footage was provided by activist group Drastic, which is said to be composed of a team of scientists and investigators looking into the origins of the pandemic.

Within the footage, there is also an interview with Yuan Zhiming, a lab director, who demonstrates a control room and talks about what happens if there is an ‘accident’ at the lab.


The footage directly contradicts statements made by Peter Daszak, who funded gain of function research at the lab, and later “investigated” it for the World Health Organisation, finding no evidence to back up the lab leak theory after a visit lasting just three hours.

Daszak, who also allegedly exerted his influence to shut down scientific debate of the lab leak possibility, previously described the idea of bats at the Wuhan lab as “a widely circulated conspiracy theory.”

Tweets in which he made those claims have since been deleted, and Daszak has admitted he never asked the lab if they had bats, commenting that he “wouldn’t be surprised if, like many other virology labs, they were trying to set up a bat colony.”

Sky News Australia reporter Sharri Markson joined Tucker Carlson Monday night to discuss the footage, commenting that “It is not a conspiracy to say there were live bats at the lab.”

“It is a fact,” Markson continued, adding “as you can see, this video shows bats in a cage at the Wuhan Institute. You can also see there a researcher feeding about with a worm. And in this image, we can see researchers out capturing bats and a bat even hangs off a researchers hat.”

“In another image, there are mass cages, hundreds of them. We know that the Wuhan Institute of virology was using humanized mice for experiments to see which coronaviruses could infect humans,” Markson also noted.


The development provides yet more circumstantial evidence supporting the lab leak theory, given that no link has been established for the jump of the virus from bats to humans in Wuhan.

It has been widely reported that there were no bats at the so called ‘wet market’ in Wuhan, which has been touted by health authorities in China, and the World Health Organisation as the most likely source of the outbreak. The bats natural habitat is some 900 miles from Wuhan.

No evidence has been found supporting the notion that an intermediary species facilitated the jump of coronavirus from bats to humans, despite repeated claims of pangolins or some other animal being involved.


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