Forbes Slammed For Encouraging Women to Vacation Alone in Pakistan

They even suggested they visit "Taliban territory."

Forbes faced ridicule and condemnation after the media outlet encouraged women to travel alone to Pakistan, including to areas where the Taliban is active.

“Pakistan. It’s not exactly on every solo female traveler’s bucket list. But that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be,” states the article, which serves as promotional material for Vlogger Eva zu Beck, who made a video asserting that Pakistan “could be the world’s #1 tourism destination.”

The article even notes how Beck headed straight into “Taliban Territory” during the trip, which is obviously a fantastic idea for any female traveling alone.

Respondents to the article on Twitter were not so enthusiastic about Pakistan being on a solo female traveler’s “bucket list.”

“This would only be a good idea if it were the last item on her bucket list,” commented Yasmine Mohammed.

“Is the bucket for her head to be carried around in,” quipped Michael Malice.

“You can get the same expansive dirt-filled vistas in northern Nevada, and as a plus you’re more likely to return home with your head still where it belongs,” remarked another respondent.

As we have previously documented, there are innumerable examples of women traveling alone or as a couple to highly dangerous locations and ending up raped and murdered.

Many of these victims made the decision to travel to such countries because of their naive belief that the world is a progressive utopia and the notion that all cultures are equal.


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