Forensic Computer Scientist: Up to 120,000 Questionable Votes in Pennsylvania

Image Credits: Bloomberg Creative / Getty Images.

As the Third Circuit Court of Appeals rules against President Trump’s attorney’s in the matter of vote fraud and ballot tampering in Pennsylvania, the path is cleared for the mountain of credible evidence in support of those claims to finally be brought forward in a matter of constitutionality to the United States Supreme Court.

A critical piece of evidence was brought forward at a hearing in Gettysburg Wednesday. Gregory Stenstrom of Delaware County, self-identified as a former commanding officer in the Navy, a forensic computer scientist with expertise on security and fraud issues, and a poll watcher, alleged this week that 47 USB cards used during the state’s Nov. 3 election have gone missing.

He also stated that as many as 120,000 votes cast in the election should be called into question, based on his examination of the evidence and his expertise in forensic computer science.

“I personally observed USB cards being uploaded to voting machines by the voting machine warehouse supervisor on multiple occasions,” Stenstrom testified. “This person is not being observed, he’s not a part of the process that I can see, and he is walking in with baggies of USBs.”

Stenstrom suggested that the cards very well may have been used in ballot tampering actions, adding illegal votes to the state’s vote count. He also charged that there was a complete lack of procedural oversight on how state election workers handled ballots.

Data presented by whistle-blowers / Trump legal team blows courts and legislatures away. Globalist controlled media are now in a panic as their as their house of cards begins to collapse.

“In all cases the chain of custody was broken,” Stenstrom said. “It was broken for the mail-in ballots, the drop-box ballots, the Election Day USB card flash drives. In all cases they didn’t follow any of the procedures defined by the Board of Delaware County of Elections.”

Stenstrom also testified that law enforcement personnel, who were on scene during the ballot processing and tabulation processes, failed to act after he reported the mishandling of ballots.

“I literally begged multiple law enforcement agencies to go get the forensic evidence from the computers,” Stenstrom said. “It’s a simple process. It wouldn’t have taken more than an hour to image all 5 machines. That was never done despite my objections and that was three weeks ago.”

Pennsylvania – which moved forward in initiating the vote certification process Tuesday – is one of several critical battleground states where the Trump 2020 Campaign has charged voter fraud and ballot tampering.

Pennsylvania awards 20 electoral votes to the winner.