Former Clinton Adviser: Hillary & Bloomberg Planning To Install Her As Democrat Nominee

'Hillary is the only candidate that they’ll be able to come up with that can measure up to Donald Trump,' says Dick Morris

Image Credits: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

Hillary Clinton and billionaire Mike Bloomberg may have formulated a plan to make Hillary the Democrat presidential nominee, according to former Clinton adviser Dick Morris.

Morris, who served as a political strategist for former President Bill Clinton, claimed Sunday that Hillary would enter the fray during a brokered convention.

“Here’s the deal that I think is going down. I think Hillary and Bloomberg have gotten together and cooked up a scheme,” Morris said on The Cats Roundtable radio show.

Morris said that regardless of his popularity, Bloomberg would stay in the race to ensure his candidacy would serve to keep the party divided on a candidate until the Democratic National Convention.

“Nobody will be nominated on the first ballot, and it’ll go to a second ballot,” Morris said. “The problem is that the party establishment doesn’t have a candidate. They can’t do Bloomberg because he got killed in the debate. … Can’t do [Joe] Biden because he’s already lost the front-runner status. … [Pete] Buttigieg looks like a high school kid at the Model UN. … [Elizabeth] Warren is third, but she’s pretty far to the Left, and they’re not going to want to trust her.”

Morris then said that Clinton would step in during the second ballot at the brokered convention.

“And then Hillary begins to gain; the other candidates begin to drop out. And Hillary is the nominee. That, I think, is the establishment scenario,” he said. “Hillary is the only candidate that they’ll be able to come up with that can measure up to Donald Trump.”

Clinton denied reports that she’s considered joining Bloomberg as his running mate last week.

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