Former Secret Service Agent Spills How Clinton’s Sex Trysts Endangered Lives

The president often tried to visit his 'well-known and lesser-known mistresses,' says former Secret Service agent

A just published tell-all book from a former Secret Service officer details how former President Bill Clinton’s allegedly obsessive out-of-marriage relationships endangered the lives of Secret Service officers.

Gary J. Byrne, who was assigned to protect Clinton during his White House years, wonders whether “Clinton’s sordid personal affairs worth and officer’s life” as the president often tried to visit his “well-known and lesser-known mistresses.” During one of Clinton’s trysts, another Secret Service agent almost lost his life in a motorcade crash, the Washington Examiner notes.

Byrne writes in “Secrets of the Secret Service: The History and Uncertain Future of the U.S. Secret Service” that Clinton would sometimes order a small motorcade to follow his car around Washington.

During one of these trips, an officer identified as “Reverend” went through a red light and was struck by an approaching car, leaving the Secret Service member with a serious head injury.