Former Senator Barbara Boxer Mugged in Oakland

California Democrat robbed in state she helped destabilize

Image Credits: Tom Williams / Contributor / Getty.

Former California Senator Barbara Boxer (D) was mugged in Oakland on Monday, after an assailant pushed her, stole her cell phone, and jumped into a waiting car.

The 80-year-old Democrat’s twitter account announced the news later in the day, adding that Boxer “is thankful that she was not seriously injured.”

The mugging comes weeks after a NBC Bay Area news crew was held up by two armed men who demanded their equipment, only to leave without stealing any equipment after a good guy with a gun – the news crew’s security guard – ordered the would-be robbers to leave. 

Earlier in the month, Oakland Police announced an investigation into two similar incidents which were caught on camera – one in which two women were jumped by two suspects wearing hoodies, and a similar incident in which two men in hoodies pull the same routine with an elderly man holding a cane while standing in front of the Chinese Independent Baptist Church, pistol whipping him.

More white supremacists, we’re sure.

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