Former State Dept. Official Calls For Placing Vaccinated People In ‘Safe Havens’ Away From Unvaxxed

"Think of it as a bubble, like the Olympic village outside Tokyo, where testing, tracing, quarantining and health and safety protocols can be carried out," says Tara Sonenshine.

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A former State Department official is calling for COVID-vaccinated Americans to be separated from unvaccinated Americans in society through designated “safe haven” regions in the U.S.

Tara Sonenshine, an Obama-era former undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs, penned an article for The Hill on Tuesday titled, “It’s time we had ‘safe havens’ for vaccinated Americans,” calling for the U.S. to apply a “sanctuary city” model normally used for illegal immigrants on COVID-vaccinated Americans.

“Traditionally, we think of one particular type of ‘safe haven,’ the ‘sanctuary city,’ as a place designed to shield immigrants from the long arm of federal enforcement,” Sonenshine wrote. “According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a ‘safe haven’ is a place that chooses to keep local resources available to local residents as a way of protecting people in need of protection while awaiting action on their cases.”

“A ‘safe haven’ for the unvaccinated[sic] Americans could be as big as a county or district, or as small as a school or religious organization,” she continued. “Think of it as a bubble, like the Olympic village outside Tokyo, where testing, tracing, quarantining and health and safety protocols can be carried out.”

Inside these safe havens, Sonenshine said, everybody must adhere to the belief that vaccines are the “key to safety.”

“What everyone inside the ‘safe haven’ shares is the view that vaccinations remain the key to safety. There are rules that must be followed and procedures to guide everyone to a positive outcome,” she wrote.

Left outside the safe haven would be all those who resist vaccination with no good reason — and thus are in danger of spreading the virus to others.”

Sonenshine admitted her plan “may strike some as divisive,” but defended her draconian strategy anyway, claiming “when there is an emergency, you have to act.”

“Public health challenges demand creative solutions,” she insisted.

“If we put some parameters around who can enter certain buildings and regions, the balance of power shifts to vaccinated Americans and those who have taken the necessary steps to be safe from the virus. They can enter the safe haven at will,” she wrote.

“We all deserve health, and if someone is knowingly and voluntarily refusing protection from COVID-19, they are creating an unsafe environment — putting the lives of nurses, doctors, EMT responders and children at risk of catching their viral load.”

“We all should have the opportunity to seek shelter from life’s storms. And though many will find this solution extreme, when we are talking about a national health crisis, inaction is inexcusable,” she concluded.

How much longer until the left starts officially calling for unvaccinated Americans to be rounded up into concentration camps?

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