Fox Insider Explains How Tucker Termination Was Part of Dominion Settlement

"Shady" Biden operative Mike LaRosa now works for PR firm whose top client is Dominion -- all part of concerted effort to take down Fox News ahead of 2024 election, he says.

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

A Fox News insider revealed to O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) that Tucker Carlson’s exit from the network was indeed part of its settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.

Fox News producer Sean Langille explained that Carlson was “ousted” from Fox as “part of the settlement” with Dominion because of pressure from advertisers over the topics Carlson was covering, such as January 6.

“They say it wasn’t part of it but we’re learning that Tucker getting fired was part of it,” he told an undercover OMG journalist.

“He brought up things that cost a lot of money. That was part of it, he was gonna go after…this whole thing about January 6 was, it was an inside job,” Langille said. “He went after this guy Ray Epps. He said he was an FBI agent on the inside, and basically encouraged it.”

“He was going to go on the air and refute what that guy said on ’60 Minutes.’ And the Murdochs were like, not too happy about it,” he added.

Langille also explained that advertisers are now trickling back into Fox News programming now that Carlson has left the network.

“So now that he’s gone, they’re starting to come back,” he said, adding Fox is “also getting money from Pfizer. Big Pharma, Big Tech.”

It gets deeper.

Langille explained how top Biden political operative Michael LaRosa now works for PR firm Penta, whose top client is Dominion, suggesting a nefarious plot by the Biden regime to cripple Fox News ahead of the 2024 election.

LaRosa “left working for Jill Biden to start this PR firm or work this firm whose sole client was Dominion, doing their comms,” he said. “It’s like right from the White House to go defend Dominion. He’s the one who’s crafting Dominion’s message to the public.”

“So it’s like when you know those little moving parts, you’re like, everyone’s shady.”

“You look at those little connects and you’re like, someone who worked for the Biden White House was literally crafting the message for Dominion,” he continued.

“Left the White House to literally go take down the news outlet that was being unfavorable to his boss. No one’s talking about that. No one’s picking up on the fact he’s someone who used to work for Joe Biden…working with a voting company to take down Fox News.”

“That’s a whole story in and of itself,” he added.

Fox News and Dominion have both denied Carlson had anything to do with the $787.5 million settlement following an explosive report by Axios last week claiming Carlson learned he was fired as part of the settlement and sent a letter by his lawyers accusing the network of fraud for breach of contract.

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